Crafting Immersive Virtual Worlds,Shaping Future Interactions

Redefines virtual interactions, providing users with immersive experiences through AI-generated metaverse scenarios, customizable NPCs, and advanced applications.

Introducing Vision

Vision is dedicated to transforming digital interactions through the integration of AI, Metaverse avatars, and DePin technologies. Our project leverages AI to generate intricate metaverse spaces and design interactive NPCs, while DePin ensures seamless connectivity and enhanced user experiences. By combining these elements, Vision creates a comprehensive digital ecosystem that caters to various virtual applications and interactions, providing users with truly immersive experiences.

AI Products

AI NPC Generation

Create personalized NPCs for interactive gaming and metaverse chat applications.


Metaverse Chat

Utilize AI-driven communication tools within immersive virtual environments.

DePin Applications

Somatosensory Devices

Enhance your metaverse experience with advanced motion-sensing technology.


Smart Wearable Devices

Integrate headgear such as Apple Vision Pro for a seamless virtual reality experience.

Metaverse Field of Vision

NPC Avatars on AR Devices

Render realistic NPC avatars on augmented reality devices.


AR Games

Play AR games featuring custom NPCs with dialog, interaction, and image display capabilities.


Social Interaction

 Participate in virtual meetings as avatars and enjoy interactive social features.

What Makes Vision Different

AI-Driven Environments

Seamless Connectivity

Immersive Interactions

Advanced Motion Sensing

Community Governance


The VISION token is the cornerstone of the Vision ecosystem, designed to drive user engagement, ensure seamless connectivity, and facilitate governance.

100,000,000 $VISION

Total Supply






Fair Launch


Ecosystem Development






Interactive NPC Customization

Staking and Governance

Metaverse Transaction Medium

DePin Service


Augmented Reality Enhancements


Foundation Development

  • AI Scenario Generation
  • Basic NPC Attributes
  • Motion Video Creation
  • Initial Community Engagement

Phase 1

Application Integration

  • AI Products Deployment
  • DePin Device Compatibility
  • Metaverse Chat Features
  • Token Offering Planning

Phase 2

Enhanced Interaction

  • Advanced NPC Customization
  • AR Device Rendering
  • Interactive Social Features
  • Community Growth Initiatives

Phase 3

Ecosystem Expansion

  • Additional Metaverse Environments
  • New AI Capabilities
  • Governance Implementation
  • Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Phase 4


Vision integrates AI, Metaverse avatars, and DePin technologies to create advanced digital experiences and interactive virtual environments.

VISION tokens can be used for premium features, governance participation, and transactions within the metaverse.

AI NPCs are non-playable characters generated by AI, offering realistic interactions, customizable attributes, and unique features.

Vision supports somatosensory and smart wearable devices, including headgear like Apple Vision Pro, ensuring an immersive metaverse experience.

Interactions with NPCs include dialog, actions, and visual displays, enhancing the overall metaverse experience through realistic engagements.

Vision’s unique integration of AI-generated environments, customizable metaverse scenarios, and DePin applications sets it apart from other projects, offering seamless connectivity and immersive interactions.